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Faculty and Staff


Bill Hiskey - School Director


Gretchen Bugsch-Preschool Director


Preschool Staff

Katie Johnson- Preschool 2 Teacher


Jaylen Lee- P2 Aide



Haley Crutcher- Preschool 3 Teacher




Lauren Montelli-Preschool 3 Aide

Kim Bugsch-Preschool 4 Teacher

Sunni Wood-Preschool 4 Aide (Mrs. Gretchen's Aide)


Diane Hawkins-Preschool 4 Aide (Miss Kim's Aide)




Elementary Staff


Stacie Gleichauf - Kindergarten   
Martha Lawrentz-Kindergarten Aide  



Jessica Lyne- First Grade Teacher  


Christina Keltner-Second Grade Teacher




Juanita Linhardt-Second Grade Aide




Angela Reeder - Third/Fourth Grade 



Rachel Smith-5th/6th Grade


Support Staff

Jennifer Whittamore - Secretary

Lindsay England - Admissions Counselor


Pastor Andy Toopes-HTLC Pastor and Christian Education Teacher


Melissa Nelson - Librarian
















Jill Willis - Art


















Jennifer Upton-Physical Education


Cara Bedo - Music & Spanish






Tracy Higgins-Cook